I am a 30 something wife and mother. My man is the logic that I lack and my girls are my dream and ambition. These three truly make me a whole person. When I was younger I truly lived in a daydream and during my life journey it has been a challenge for me to find a balance of whimsy and reality. A place where I have to face realities but not lose myself at the same time. I have this balance now and I must say, this is the reason my 30’s have been amazing and my best years so far (outside of being 5, now that was a good year). I am painting more and more and when life gets in the way I feel a heaviness coming on so I have to make it priority to force a paintbrush in my hand no matter how tired or busy things seem to be. It is a priority just like going to the gym and taking care of my health. It is fitness for my soul so to speak. If you want to know me and what inspires me, here are a few things that just makes my heart skip a beat: I love my little humans! I love old things, gypsy things, soft things, pretty things, shabby things, red things, trees, shiny things, fluffy living things, rugged things, restored things, forgotten things, vintage things, layered things, paper things, cake, running without stopping, dressy things, comfy things, ruffles, lace, leather, metal, you get the idea. Im like a cat, all over the place.

Visit me as often as you like and always feel free to ask about my paintings.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I love the looseness and texture in the paintings, and the ideas that inspired them. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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