Make yourself!



After a long day of doing hair…


And taking care of my girls


I feel like I’m gonna drop. But I have a tiny corner close to my kitchen table that I leave my art supplies out.

Even if I have a chance to do the tiniest bit, it’s something!! Sometimes I find it best to work on two mixed media pieces at once since I have to let layers dry before continuing on. I have to keep my things out or I’ll never go to it. I’m very much an out of sight kinda girl. Being that I barely scrape 5 feet if something is put up over head…I never find it. Above arms reach is another dimension that just doesn’t exist to me. Do what you need to do to create. Even if it’s just 30 minutes. That’s sometimes all I can do before I’m nodding off in my craft glue. You can always add later. I sometimes need to step away so that I don’t over think my work. Now get your paints out, if you don’t have canvas cut out a piece of cardboard and work on it. You can surprisingly use it in something else later. Just do a bit, keep it active in your life. Even if it’s in the quiet hours of the night, only for a short while.

Let your day and night be flooded with your inner light. Sleepy regards…Stace




2 thoughts on “Make yourself!

  1. While reading some of your blog its like hearing my own thoughts. I am new to mixed media but definitely relate to what art means to you and the many mixed feelings you experience from creating it and sharing it whether its through posting photos of something your working on or just finished to accepting requests for pieces and the price tag that comes with it. Thanks for being an inspiration to me as this journey has just started (did my first piece in April 2013). I look forward to following you and your beautiful art.

    • Jennifer thank you for stopping by my blog!!! I love the thought of encouraging new artist especially, because honestly, there is not a lot of encouragement out there for them!!! I would love for you to share your work anytime. I have a Facebook page Stoney brook studio. However I’m having trouble posting the link. Your welcome to find me and post your work!!!

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