The Lost Highway


As you may know from my previous post, I have a brother. Not just A brother, but A brother who is owner of a fantastic BBQ Restaurant in little ole Spring Hill Tn. The restaurant is called Jack of Hearts BBQ. If you don’t know about it, check out this link that was written about it on a local Spring Hill blog.

Great non biased opinion of Jack of Hearts

Pretty cool huh? If you want food prepared by someone who truly cares what they serve, not just a line cook that could care less. This is the place. Real food and real heart. I have seen my brother throw away $100 worth of meat just because it did not fall of the bone just right. Do you think any other restaurant cares about their quality that much….I doubt it. Now my brother loves a couple of things almost as much as BBQ. And that is good music. Hank Williams, John Lee Hooker, The Hag, Tupac etc.


being that we are Alabama born and raised, and I know those roots are influential in his kitchen I thought his restaurant could benefit from a Hank Sr. painting. Our mom and dad had approached me about painting something for his birthday and I instantly knew that it was going to be Hank Sr. I wanted to incorporate his music and life in the painting. It was my first attempt of acrylic gel transfer. I think the process is frustrating as can be but it is well worth it. I sketched his face on moving paper with a felt tip pen and transferred it to the painting. I found copies of his sheet music and put the lyrics to “I SawThe Light” in the rays of the sun. I put a highway dividing him from the light and his fame, and a drawing I did of his cadilac in between it all. I have a tiny yellowhammer hidden in the painting (Alabama state bird). I also have the state with a star over Montgomery where he is from and where he is buried. It is a tribute to a legend, now hanging in a humble BBQ restaurant. So now, my art is surrounded by my brothers art in Jack of Hearts BBQ.

Simon…yes the Simon behind Simons slaw, giving his approval. Below are some pictures of the painting in it’s early stages.










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