Sorry for my disappearing act!

I would love to blame my hiatus on me being super busy or deliberately needing a break from my hard life of blogging. However, that is not what went down. I lost my login. And even though that seems like an easy fix, it is not in Stacy’s world. Just click forgot password and send it to your email, right?…WRONG, I did that. But this absolutely helps me not, especially when I don’t remember what email I set it up under, especially since once i remembered what email it was it was one I never checked and forgot ALL login info, especially when I wrote down the email account on a piece of paper that I had lost back in August, especially when you have not logged into that account in so long once you do find it….that it has been disabled….whew. So I went in quest mode to find the email address that I had set my WordPress account under and alas I found it, answered all security questions to reestablish the account (sadly I forgot one of them, whole other story) reactivated deactivated count then all the other annoying steps to get back into my WordPress account. I honestly was just going to start another blog because had I not found that piece of paper that account was written on, I would have never remembered the account id.

Other then my manic tech/email delays, things are great! I finished cosmetology school so now I can legally become licensed to do hair and makeup! Yay! I love art, but I also enjoy the human canvas. I have worked on a country music video since my last post. I must confess, it was a friend so I think we were just helping each other out. Don’t think I won’t put it on a resume though. I have my art hanging at a dance conservatory and I am working on a commissioned piece for a beautiful baby girl named Emma! I have been experimenting and working with some new mixed media techniques that I am so excited about and I can’t wait to share with you. I also am thinking about having a YouTube channel demonstrating some of these. What do you think? Hold your breath, because it won’t be today or tomorrow because I burned up my video camera by plugging the wrong cord in it. It burned literally. See…not a gadget, email, password, remembering kind of girl. I’m the kind of girl with paint on her fingers.

God Bless and I look forward to sharing with you soon!


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