Horseplay?? Yes please…

This painting has many layers…It consists of hay, blue jeans, paper that is reproduction of wall paper from the days of the old west, pages of a book dated from 1880, and rope.  Our character, who we are, our image, is made of many dimensions.  That is why I love mixed media.  The things used in a painting can relate to just the right person.  This painting is sold already and the buyer purchased it for her niece.  However, last I heard it was still hanging in her own living room!  I hope that wherever it settles it makes them extremely happy!


2 thoughts on “Horseplay?? Yes please…

  1. So… yes Horseplay was intended for my niece but is STILL hanging in my living room. At this point, I don’t think I will give it up. Maybe I’ll put it in my will to her. 🙂

  2. Ok- I don’t remember if I ever told you but I finally gave this to my middle niece a year or two ago. She loved it and just the other day I went into her room and saw it. I asked her if she was tired of it and she quickly told me that I was not getting it back…ever!

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